We’re a small business that’s helping hundreds of other small businesses.

Now is the time to show your support for small, locally owned businesses.

Our mission of supporting apparel entrepreneurs with no-minimum manufacturing has always been possible through our unique model that is supported by event income. In this time of social distancing, our community needs your support more than ever.

Here’s what you can do to support FABRIC and the community it has built:

Continue to use our business/design services

Take lessons

Donate to our foundation

Support local fashion brands.

We offer most of our one-on-one services online/digitally or in person.

Here's what FABRIC is doing to support the community:

In addition to continuing to help Apparel Entrepreneurs design and manufacture their products, FABRIC is manufacturing FDA approved Level 2 and 3 reusable isolation gowns for large and small healthcare facilities. 






HOURS:  Currently we are  offering all of our design development services online in order to adhere to government regulations. We are open by appointment only. As a PPE manufacturer providing essential services, our team that works inside of FABRIC is practicing all required safety protocols regarding social distancing in order to manufacture these much needed PPE items

TOURS: Tours are currently being offered on a limited basis. We are actively filming a tour video that will be available soon.

SERVICES: Now is the perfect time to start or grow your fashion brand! Get help HERE

LESSONS/CLASSES: Most of our classes are can be done digitally. We're currently creating video lessons as well. 

HEALTH/SAFETY: We are compliant with all CDC recommendations and guidelines pertaining to the occupancy level at any given time. We have taken extreme measures and precautions to implement a vigilant cleaning routine to ensure the disinfection of all commonly used surfaces..  We ask that all visitors to FABRIC wear a mask to reduce the shed of any virus particles that you may unknowingly be carrying.​ Additionally, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • All sewing stations are set up in a way that spaces each sewing technician’s seat 6 feet away from other sewing technicians.

  • Each production line is oriented to face each sewing technician away from each other.

  • Each staff member is required to wear a mask to prevent spreading any viral droplets they may unknowingly be shedding when coughing, sneezing, or talking.

  • Each sewing technician has their own hand sanitizer and are instructed to sanitize their hands regularly before and after breaks in sewing.

  • Each sewing technician has their own CDC-recommended cleanser and are instructed to sanitize their workspace regularly before and after breaks in sewing.

  • Hand sanitizer and/or a sink for hand washing is provided upon entry into FABRIC’s lobby for all visitors.

  • All commonly used surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

  • FABRIC’s front door remains locked and is open by appointment only.

  • Consultations and most lessons are being offered virtually.

  • A cleaning crew regularly cleans and sanitizes the FABRIC building multiple times per week.

  • All CDC guidelines have been posted in public areas to educate staff and visitors about symptoms and reporting protocols.

  • All employees with COVID-19 symptoms are instructed to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to FABRIC.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, all citizens have a greater chance of exposure. Businesses of all kinds have to weigh the benefits and risks of opening and take into account the increased financial burden of these protocols that weren’t part of their original business plan prior to COVID-19.  As an essential business manufacturing PPE in an emergency situation, we understand we must do everything we can to protect the staff at FABRIC who have chosen to take a risk to help protect our healthcare heroes and visitors who enter the building.


I understand the risks of visiting FABRIC and do so under my own volition. I have read and understand the CDC’s documentation on how to prevent getting sick and agree to the following each time I enter FABRIC.


  • I will go through health screening and have my temperature taken upon entering.

  • I will not come to FABRIC if I have any symptoms include coughing, headaches, a fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

  • I will follow all suggested personal sanitizing procedures available in the FABRIC lobby.

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