START a fashion business

We offer services in business, design, manufacturing, marketing and everything a brand needs to start, develop, manufacture and go to market all under one roof.


At FABRIC, you can learn how to do it yourself, hire the expert who can do it for you, or a combination of both.

Get my business exposure and join the community

LabelHorde offers many ways to get noticed, get involved and become part of the industry and most are FREE!!!

DIRECTORY: Add your business to the AZ fashion industry directory where you can find all AZ fashion brands, stores, models, hair, makeup, photographers, manufacturing and all things fashion related.

CALENDAR: Find or add your events to the AZ fashion calendar.

CLASSIFIEDS: Find or add your AZ fashion jobs.

SUBSCRIBE: Learn of all AZ fashion jobs, news, events and opportunities first.


PARTICIPATE: LabelHorde has an annual fashion show that features 60+ local brands in one show during the Tempe Festival of the Arts. 

MANUFACTURE a sewn product

If you have tech packs, we can manufacture your sewn product at no-minimums. We can also help you with tech packs.


We offer pattern making, pattern grading (sizing), markers, production cutting, production sewing using industrial machines that can handle knits, wovens, light weights, heavy weights. We've made dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, bathing suits, leggings, T-shirts, jackets, evening gowns, jeans, leather goods, athletic wear, medical devices, wearable tech, home goods, and so much more.

DESIGN and create a prototype/sample

We offer technical flat drawings, specifications, material/trim sourcing, and tech packs so you can create a sample that's ready to manufacture. 

Take classes, get consulting and LEARN

We offer....

CONSULTING - Understand and manage your manufacturing, sourcing materials, spec your garments, design for manufacturing, create cohesive collections, business start up and more.


CLASSES - Learn to draw technical flat drawings and illustrations, make patterns, sew, drape, costing, textiles, styling, and more.

TOUR the facility

We offer group tours. These are done over Zoom during the pandemic.


This is the best way to learn all about what we do and how we do it and how you can get involved and use our services. This place is unique and in our effort to disrupt, redefine, and reimagine apparel manufacturing for the modern entrepreneur, we've created some really innovative resources that we need to share with you before you get started.


The tour takes about an hour and is open to the public so its also a great way to meet other fashion lovers. 

Attend, participate in and/or learn about FASHION EVENTS

We have a built in runway that can be rented out for fashion events and more. We also host our own signature events. There are events every week including runway shows, performances, trunk shows, workshops, networking events, castings, education and more. 

To stay in the know simply subscribe to our newsletter. This is how we keep everyone informed. You can also check our events calendar where we list all of AZ's fashion events.


FABRIC Tempe is the AZ 501-c3 non-profit inside FABRIC Incubator that has a mission to provide Arizona’s emerging designers and brands with innovative, small batch manufacturing and strategic business resources, so they can build sustainable fashion businesses locally. 


Join the cause and help us move this mission by volunteering your skills. 


If you want to manufacture a sewn product, the factory will need a tech pack. There are initial tech packs that communicate your design idea and there are production ready tech packs that are accompanied by a sew by sample that has been made from your patterns and sewn from your actual production materials/trims. 


A production ready tech pack contains all of the information that the factory needs to know about the product including flats, specs, BOM, grade rules, marker info, cut tickets, sewing contracts, and more. Tech packs are fluid documents that evolve as the prototype is evolving so it is an ongoing process that needs to be managed. 

We can help you create the different parts of your tech pack including technical flat drawings, specifications, materials/trims info, grading/marking and cutting tickets and more.

We can also teach you how to fil out the development documents that are needed for our team to create your tech pack with one-on-one consultations/lessons.

You can also menu pick and hire the expert to do the more technical things while you save money and learn how to do the more manageable things yourself. (This is the most popular option)


Host your next event at FABRIC.

We love fashion shows, but we have also been the venue for everything from proms and weddings to yoga classes and trunk shows.  From our runway space to our classrooms, we've got a space that will fit any size event and any budget. When you host an event at FABRIC you're also helping to support the local fashion industry. Event fees help maintain and support our beautiful incubator building

Become a MEMBER

New membership program launching on our new website coming January 2021

Get your own office/studio and become a TENANT

Run your business inside AZ's only fashion incubator.

Exposure your brand to the thousands of fashion lovers who pass through FABRIC each year, the press/media who look for stories, the industry opportunities, the networking and the equipment needed to run a fashion related business while paying well-below market rates.

Designer offices/studios are available with no lease and no deposit and include all utilities and WiFi with access to industrial equipment, photo studios, sourcing library and more, starting at $450/month. 


FABRIC has a photo studio available at well-below market rates. Bring your own photographer, lighting and backdrops or use ours! We've got a DIY studio set up for smaller, simpler shoots as well as a large professional studio. Lighting and backdrops are also available.


FABRIC has two hair and makeup rooms equipped with shampoo bowl, styling chairs, hollywood-style lighting and more. Book a room to offer a class, style a client or use it to get your models ready for your runway show in the event space.


We do it all! Hire us to create a logo, develop a branding package, design a website, handle your social media and more.


We do it all! Hire us to help you write a business plan, get your business license, form an LLC, register your business name and more.We can even refer you to a trusted accountant, lawyer and bank.

Source wholesale FABRICS/TRIMS

Use our FREE Wholesale Fabric/Trim Sourcing Library. 

We save emerging designers/brands thousands of dollars in travel and months of research by providing a free resource of hundreds of wholesale fabric and trim sources accessible to new brands at low minimums.

Simply come in during business hours, sign in on the sign in sheet located at the front desk and inside of the sourcing library. 

Or, hire the expert to do it for you. We can help you find the low-minimum, wholesale fabrics and trims you need to make your garment. 

Get involved, stay connected, learn of OPPORTUNITIES first

Every day at FABRIC there is something amazing happening and we want to share these opportunities with you. We are the first to learn of fashion events, fashion jobs, and local fashion news. Media publications and press ask us for story referrals. Designers are looking for models. Photographers are looking for things to photograph. New spaces are available and waiting for tenants. Scholarships for free office space and brand development are offered. Investors are looking for innovative ideas. And the list goes on.


To stay up on all of these opportunities, simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter HAUTE OFF THE PRESS. That's how we share everything that comes our way. Don't just subscribe Make sure you read them! Don't miss the next big opportunity that can change your brand. 


We have printing partners . They can submlimate, screen print, embroider and more!

Our creative grahic design team can help design your prints for you as well.


Jenny Kaufman from Xposed Capture is the resident photographer at FABRIC She is available for hire on location or in the photo studio at FABRIC


FABRIC has its own A/V production company. They are available for hire to run your event at FABRIC or to create awesome videos for your business. 


If you need to design something for manufacturing, see DESIGN AND CREATE A PROTOTYPE/SAMPLE above.

If you simply want a talented local designer or a seamstress to create a one-of-a-kind for you, you can search our LabelHorde AZ Fashion Directory which lists every fashion pro in town.

Want a referral to the best? CONTACT US

Want to be referred? Become a MEMBER OF FABRIC.

Hire a MODEL

If you need models for a show or a shoot, simply go to our LabelHorde AZ Fashion Directory and search in the AUXILIARY tab under Independent Models or under Modeling Agencies. 

You can also hire a model right out of the FABRIC building from our in-house modeling agency Natori's Club


If you need hair/makeup artists for a show or a shoot, simply go to our LabelHorde AZ Fashion Directory and search in the AUXILIARY tab under Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists. 

Want a referral to the best? CONTACT US.

Add your fashion business to the AZ FASHION DIRECTORY

You can add your own fashion business for free to the AZ Fashion Directory. Simply hit REGISTER to create an account and then use your login info to LOGIN and create a listing. 

You get to add your business name, contact info, web and social media links. If you'd like to stand out from the crowd and also add 1000 word description where you can describe what you do, list your accomplishments, experience, products, etc...and a photo/image, you can select the STANDARD LISTING at $9.95/month. We'll even put you on our home pages slider and you'll get preferred referrals for press/media stories. 

Want an upgraded STANDARD LISTING along with use of our resources at FABRIC,  consider getting a FABRIC MEMBERSHIP instead. 

Find or post a FASHION JOB

Find all AZ fashion related jobs including jobs available at FABRIC

Looking to hire? Send us your job posting and we'll add it to our classifieds page at no charge and share it with the thousands of fashion pros in our newsletter.

Find, post or participate in a FASHION EVENT

Find all AZ fashion related events including events at FABRIC as well as all over Arizona.


Want to share your event with our followers? Send us a flyer and we'll add your event to our events calendar page at no charge and share it with the thousands of fashion lovers in our newsletter.

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter so you'll know of all of AZ's fashion events.

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